segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2016

A glimpse of Paris

Oh Paris! 

Paris! So close and yet so far!
I've always wondered... what does France have that makes everybody falls in love with it?

My first time in France was to do volunteer work in the country side, around 4 hours away from Paris, in a city called Chateauroux. There I thought, can it get Frenchier than this? People leaving boulangeries with baguettes and croissants, milk stands in front of the local markets, stone wall houses and large green fields with sheep grazing. I was already enchantée!

My husband and I planned that to when we left our volunteering in Chateauroux we would spend a few hours in Paris before taking our flight back home. We would have four hours to spare, sounded good enough to snap some pictures of the Eiffel tower.

But, here's what happened: it rained. A lot! It rained so much that days later Paris was flooded. You'll probably remember watching it on the news... Well, our plans went down the drain. Ironic, right?

Did we get to see Paris and eat macaroons? Unfortunately no. And yet, that city was growing on me. I was never one of those girls who kept dreaming of Paris and being all romantic about it. I would just like to travel there someday. But the moment I saw half of the Arc du Triomphe, something clicked. The streets, the bars, the gardens... all... so... French! I felt in love with it immediately! And that from the bus windown! 

Is there something in the air in Paris? Was it the rain that made everything more nostalgic and classic? Or is it the language? All of a sudden I wanted to watch Amelie Poulain and Chanel, and I was missing an Edith Piaf music soundtrack while my eyes tried to catch a glimpse of every little detail of the city through the windown.

It can also be because I was so close to visiting Paris, but couldn't, the pouring rain wouldn't allow us this time. 

And I kept thinking about the answer to my previous question: Why does everybody love Paris? Why was I in love with Paris?

I still don't know the answer but I wouldn't mind going back there over and over again to try to find out. I need a second date.

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