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Airport Shuttle

From Paris to Beauvais Airport

When we think about an airport in Paris we may immediately think of Charles de Gaulle Airport. However, when you are flying Ryanair they may offer you flights in smaller airports, not exactly an international airport. Let's say if you are in Paris, there are big chances you'll get to know Beauvais Airport, the low cost flights airport.

The airport is around 1h15 away from the city of Paris. It's a good thing that there is a shuttle from the Porte Maillot bus station to the airport. The bus station is walking distance from the Arch of Triumph and it is a very small simple bus station, where you will see many airport shuttle buses and Flixbus buses.

Right in front of it there is an event center called Palais de Congrès de Paris, and a metro station. At the event center you can have a snack, eat some macaroons, go to Starbucks, use the restroom or just hang out for a while.

Before taking your shuttle bus I suggest you buy your ticket online (, it's a little cheaper (round trip or one way), you'll definitely avoid lines and hopefully won't attract any pickpockets. Just do not forget to print your ticket! They only accept the paper version. By the way, the bus DOES NOT have Ryanair logo.

At the bus station, right next to the ticket office, there is a big board with Ryanair's timetable for the day. There is a possibility you see two lines of people, one for the regular buses and another for the shuttle buses. Why do I say that there is a possibility? Porte Maillot's bus station has a big problem: disorganization. You see lines, you see groups, lost people, backpackers, local people, and nobody is quite sure what they are doing there. Because of this total lack of organization I was also unsure as to where, how and at what time to take my shuttle. 

There is only the time of your flight printed in your shuttle ticket, so they recomment you to take the shuttle 3 hours before the flight, you do the math. They come every 20 to 30 minutes, so you see many people asking the drivers for information.

I was a little anxious to take the bus because: a - it was my first time, b - it was raining, c - it was cold and d - traffic didn't look peaceful. So after watching many people running to take the first shuttle that appeared, I took a shot to see if they would accept my ticket even if I was a little ahead of time, around 40 minutes, I think.

I was in! The bus was completely full! Oh Paris in the rain... not romantic, my friend! It's stressful if you're inside a bus worried with the time and afraid you might lose your plane. Well, I just took a deep breath. I was on my way anyway, there was nothing else I could do.

Because of the rain and traffic, it took us 2 hours to arrive at the airport. Good thing I left earlier, because there was just enough time to check in and wait to be called for boarding.

What did I take from all these? Do take the airport shuttle, buy the ticket online, print it and take the shuttle way sooner than you thought. Beauvois airport is small but cozy, with a few restaurants and some birds as visitors too. Hope you have a good ride and a good flight! 

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