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How to survive a 12 hour flight

I'm a traveler, so I love to fly! And a 12 hour flight won't hold me back! Of course, I have my ways of surviving a long flight. Even though many airline companies have entertainment on board nowadays, and I do enjoy them, you see some people reading, working on their notebooks, sleeping and some just can't wait to land soon. I'm here to share with you what I do, and find really helpful, to feel comfortable at a 12 hour flight. Oh, in coach!

Before I share with you my "secrets", remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I swear to you, someday I'll be wearing my pijamas on board, 'cause at every flight I always go wearing the most comfortable pieces of clothing I can! Come on girls, 12 hours wearing a bra? Wear a top and you're fine!

1. Bring a light jacket and socks: still on the matter of clothing, I always bring with me a light jacket on board. I may be cold and the blanket they provide sometimes isn't enough. Wearing socks is also a good idea so it will keep your feet warm, and they won't be touching the carpet directly. Yeah, I always take off my shoes, I have a much more pleasant flight, although I put them back on when I need to use the restroom.

2. Eye drop: the air on board is extremely dry, it's usually less than 20% of humidity, so I keep my eye drop in my pocket. It's a life safer, especially after you take a nap.

3. Lip balm: because the air in the cabin is so dry, it is also a good idea to have lip balm with you. Just remember to wash your lips before applying it, you may have eaten something sweet, so it's better to have clean lips before using your favorite lip balm.

4. Water bottle: we can't enter the plane with liquids, I know, but an empy water bottle, yes, we can! Picture this scene: you got thirsty during the flight and asked for a cabin crew member for a glass of water, maybe two. Pour into your water bottle so you can take a sip every now and then. You'll keep your throat hydrated and won't feel embarrassed to be bothering people all the time you're thirsty. Avoid sodas!!! They will give you gas...

5. Bubble gum: I used to take bubble gums with me for the take off, it really helped me not having my ears blocked. Of course, I always saved the wrap to throw it away afterwards. But, in case, you don't have gums with you, pretend you do!, the movement of the jaws is what really matters.

6. Snacks: yes, there is food on board, but sometimes you just want something to nibble. A good idea is for you to take some dry fruits with you, they won't smell the whole plane, they are nutritious and they perfectly satisfy you.

7. Baby wipes: baby wipes need to be part of your packing at all times, remember that! You can clean your hands, your face, after you take your in-flight nap, and can also take with you to the restroom. Baby wipes, people!

8. Stretch your body: you are 10, 12, 14 hours sitting down. Don't be shy and stretch your body! Get up, bring your arms up, stand on the tip of your toes, turn your waist to the sides. Forget what others will think, they should actually be doing the same! On my way to the restroom I almost go doing lunges. My body appreciates that and maybe that's why I am able to take a nap on the plane!

These are the things I do to survive a 12 hour flight. I eat, I get up, I drink water, I wear comfortable clothes, my feet are free from sneakers, my eye drop is at hand. But the most important thing you should do is move your body! Don't be sitting for 12 hours! Reset your watch and enjoy the flight! 

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