domingo, 4 de setembro de 2016

Best sunset of Porto!

Every sunset is one of the best shows Nature allows us to admire. 

My initial idea was to describe one of the best sunsets I have ever witnessed, and in my opinion, the sunset seen from Vila Nova de Gaia, in the north of Portugal, is one of the most beautiful and romantic sunsets for you to watch. But what better way for me to tell you about the sunset other than showing you pictures? So, here are some pictures I took of the mesmerizing sunset from Vila Nova de Gaia, across from Porto, both cities sharing the Douro river. Make sure you add this to your bucket list!

Porto on your left, Vila Nova de Gaia on your right

View from the bridge
View from the water promenade



The Douro River

Gaia, Porto and the enchanting Douro

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