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Why should I visit the supermarket when I am traveling?

Have you ever considered adding going to the supermarket in your travel list? 
If not, you should! 

Usually when we travel we take notes of all the sightseeing places not to be missed, foods to try, souvenirs to bring, price of admittance, just to name a few, so going to the local supermarket is totally left aside. In case you're a low bugdet traveler I'm sure that buying groceries is in your priority list, but even if you're not, there's so much to learn and know at the supermarket, and why not, snap a few pictures?!

Let me give you one example. Argentina, Buenos Aires. Hotel breakfast. Sweets. Dolce de leche! They served dolce de leche at the hotel in one of those little plastic containers and it was incredibly delicious! Everybody who goes to Argentina buys that one of that famous brand, which is, by the way, sweet as heaven, but me, on that day, went to the supermarket looking for the brand I had at the hotel. There it was! A big jar of dolce de leche that tourists didn't seem to care. I grabbed three and happily paid for them (yes, it is much cheaper than that famous brand and equally mouth watering). I came back home, told my family and friends, they told their family and friends, and I'm sure by now the dolce de leche company should have hired me as their spokesperson.

At the supermarket you are also able to see what people have at their disposal to buy, what they like the most, check people's cart to have an idea if they are healthier or whether they prefer to shop for the week or month, well, be curious about their eating habits!

In Portugal, I noticed that all supermarkets have their house brands and people prefer to buy them since they're cheaper and many of them of good quality.

In the USA, you can find many things in XXL size: large butters, sodas, cereals, cheese, bread, food that would feed many people at once, I think it's great, because it can make you feel like you're a tiny person!

In France, you already feel more romantic and delicate just by reading the products' labels, And many times, I was like, "oh, look what they have here!". 

I told you in another post that I know zero German, right? So, my visit to the supermarket in Hamburg took quite sometime for me to understand what each product was for. Equally fun, since now I know how to read the label to know if it's sparkled water or not. But, yeah, I found out the hard way.

Comparing prices to your home country can be fun too, or sometimes very sad, though I thought it was very interesting when I saw bananas for sale, and the price was for each banana, or per kilo and it wasn't cheap at all, while in Brazil we have a saying that when something is very cheap, we say "it costs the price of a banana!".

We all know that if we buy sodas or chocolate at the supermarket they will be much cheaper than at a restaurant or store, but I also want you to focus on the variety you have, not to mention what people who live there actually buy!

Definitely when my husband and I travel we always make sure to pay a visit to the local supermarket, and we have never ever regreted it! Of course, it's almost impossible to leave it without buying anything, and since we never know the country's policy regarding plastic bags, I always carry my tote bag with me! Better safe than hungry, ops, sorry!

There are only advantages when you visit the supermarket when you're traveling: you buy cheaper, you get to know new products,  you get an idea of what locals prefer to buy, you may discover something a regular tourist would never know of, you can compare to what you have in your home country, and plus, you get a glimpse of what it feels like to shop at that town!

So add to your sightseeing list: visit a supermarket, then come tell me about it, I'm sure you'll have something to tell!

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  1. Great text Livia!

    For sure paying a visit to a supermarket is my cup of tea, checking prices and products on the shelves awakes my culinary instinct. Not considering that taking a look at shoppers "trolley" as they Say in Ireland gives us some ideas of what to buy, and above all we must be open minded and try new products, discover new tastes and enjoy the moment.