quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2016

3 things for my future bucket list

On my previous post I shared with you 3 things on my travel bucket list I have already done. On this one I will share 3 things and only 3, although the list is bigger, I haven't done yet.

I must say that I don't put a limit to when I need to check an item off  my travel bucket list, just as long as I plan well enough to someday conquer this travel dream.

1. Road trip across the USA: this is an old one. One of my biggest travel dreams and yet to be fulfilled. So, why haven't I done this yet? I still haven't finished planning! Sometimes, I say I need a month to do it, sometimes I say, "To hell with it, I'm gonna stay the whole 3 months I am allowed in the country!". I have drafted dozens of itineraries. From New York to California is my first option, but then what about Key West?, and Route 66?, I may drop by Montreal, I also should go up to Seattle, but if I am already there I can also visit Vancouver and once in Vancouver, why not go all the way to Alaska? Do you see my dilemma? I want to visit all the states and maybe more! Of course that when I am planning these itineraries I never think about how much money I would actually have to spend in one month road tripping across the USA. And it's a lot! Back to the list... but one day it will become a reality.  Then I will definitely write a huge post about it!

2. Italy from North to South: oh Italy... a place I have never been to but would love to spend a long time there. I want to visit Italy from North to South, South to North. Don't know exactly why I would love to go to Italy this bad, but there is something about the food, the language, the monuments that attract me. 

3. Giraffe Manor Hotel: this is a very recent item that went to my travel bucket list. Have you ever seen those pictures or videos of giraffes sticking their heads into windows and people feeding them? I thought this was a type of photoshopped picture, but it isn't! The giraffes stick their heads into windows at the Giraffe Manor Hotel in Kenya. How cool is that?! And you can also see Pumba from the Lion King in the hotel. Ok, not actually Pumba, but this is how I'm gonna call them! Staying at this hotel is definitely not for the budget traveler that I am, but this is the reason why I have a savings account! 

Here you have 3 very different places on my travel bucket list yet to fulfilled: the USA, Italy and Kenya. Don't know long it's going to take me to one day check them off my list, but it doesn't matter, planning is also part of the fun. In these 3 places what I want the most is to collect amazing and unforgettable experiences. You know that book "Eat, Pray, Love"? This will be my Drive, Eat, Relax type of travel!

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