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Keep Calm, It's Winter

Winter season is here and there is need to panic! Sorry, there is no need to panic, I'm still getting used to the European winter, so sometimes it's hard not to panic with the low temperatures.

Speaking of low temperatures it is the "real feel" that really matters. I am currently living in Porto, Portugal, a country known for having a more pleasant winter. Does it? No one tells you that it is very windy in the North of Portugal, which considerably lowers the temperature and also the way you you feel it. Plus, the beautiful old tiled houses are not prepared for winter. Most of them do not have thermal insulation and central heating. That means, when it's cold outside, it's cold inside. At least this is what I am facing living here. But, let's come back to the cold winter feel in general.

What can you do to keep calm during winter? 

Warm layers of clothing and fluffy comforters are top priorities! Buying a radiator and taking hot showers also help. Spending your day in the kitchen cooking and baking and drinking coffee or tea is great. But! There's always a but. The cold season lasts a while and all these layers of clothing and hot showers will make your hair and skin miserable.

You do need to have a few items on your bathroom counter ready to use, whether you are a man or a woman.

From the top. Hair. Oh gosh your hair will suffer! I tried, believe me, many times to avoid washing my hair with hot water. Cold water. Warm water. And then comes the hair drier. In the end your split ends have split ends! So, I highly recommend  some type of hair product for you to use on your wet hair before using the hair drier. I use a few drops of an oil that hydrates and helps to avoid frizzy hair. My hair is way better now. But if you can spend some time in a hair saloon for some deep care, even better!

Next, face. Never hot water. It's very bad for your face skin, it may give you pimples, it can peel off, rashes can appear, it can be extra oily... I know it's hard to wash your face while freezing your hands, but it's worth it. I wash it with a face soap and use face cream everyday. Lip balm is also a great ally for chapped lips. Result? Peachy silky face.

Body. Take a shower, use a full body cream (I mean it), wear fresh clothes. Moving on.

Feet. Clean socks and shoe powder. Don't neglect your feet! They end up spending months without seeing any ray of light or the sun, they deserve your attention, unless you're happy hosting a colony of fungus between your toes.

Cats and seagulls (such European animals!) disappear during winter, they also want to keep calm and warm. So make sure you follow these tips so you don't hibernate and are still able to keep calm, warm and smooth during the cold season.

Do you have any other tips? Please share them in the comments!

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