quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2016

Hi! I'm the girl in the purple jacket

This isn’t your usual travel blog. It will be more of a travel journal rather than a travel blog.

Although I will share some tips with you, you won’t see here any top 10’s or do’s and don’t’s, at least it’s not my intention. Let's see how it goes... What you will see here is my views of the world when I am traveling. The expectations and realities, private opinions about something somewhere. Besides, traveling is somehow sharing the good, the bad and the ugly and many times inviting others to virtually travel with us. 

What you also need to know is that I am currently living in Portugal, finally realizing the dream of living abroad. You will find many posts here about this experience, too.

That being said, I am Lívia, a Brazilian Portuguese who loves to speak English, hopes she speaks a good level of Spanish, thinks Italian sounds sexy, is always trying to come back to the French classes, and doesn’t know what to know when doesn’t recognize a language.

I know I will need more than this life to travel the world and know its every corner, and I am truly not in a hurry because I want to fully live all these moments that I spend not only traveling but also planning it.

I now respectfully invite you to travel with me. Let’s read the pages of this book together and expand our horizons, truths and beliefs. Welcome!

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