quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016


Whenever, wherever, Ryanair we were meant to be together
I’ll be there and you’ll be near, and that's the deal my dear

Shakira I’m sorry for this cheesy use of your song but this is the first thing that comes to my mind before I book a flight with Ryanair.

In case you still don’t know about this Irish company, they fly all over Europe on low fares, and the reason why you’re able to pay so little is that you won’t get any type of luxury unless you pay extra for it. With this airline company you can pay as little as 5€ for a one way trip if you have flexibility on where and when. That’s right, 5€!

When you book a flight with them you are allowed to have ONLY a carry-on bag with very specific measurements, otherwise you pay extra. They charge for the food they serve. There’s no enterteinament on board and you’ll probably get into the plane by climbing the outdoor stairs, rain or shine. The aircraft is three seated on each side and you don’t get to choose where you sit, unless you’re willing to pay a small fee. You can do all your booking on your cellphone app and just show them the QRCode as your boarding pass. That’s if you have a European passport, otherwise you will have to print your boarding pass at home, if you don’t, they charge you about 40€ to print it for you. Hell no!

My first experience with Ryanair was one of the best. Very well organized, punctual, easy access to my boarding pass (and booking and check in), polite staff on board and on land, smooth flight and got all that by booking almost two weeks in advance a one way trip from Porto to Hamburg for 24€. Pretty good, right?

In my opinion, it was a pretty smart idea to clear all the flight amenities out to be able to low the prices. Flights in Europe last what one, two, three hours? Take some snacks and a book with you and, honey, enjoy the flight! You might notice that even leg room is more confortable with Ryanair compared to other big companies. Of course you'd better pray for good weather, otherwise you will be wet. But hey, at least you can spend your extra cash on souvenirs, right?

Well, nothing to complain. Budget traveling is my cup of tea! So Ryanair I'll see you wherever whenever...

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